Monday, September 26, 2005

Fairly slim movie watching week, though I'm picking up quite a stack of things to watch when I have time...

"Snatch" - An old favorite, but one that I just re-acquired. I got to watch it with people who hadn't seen it, so that was a lot of fun. I warned them about "pikey" English... :)

"Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story" - Yes, I know it doesn't come out till this week, but if you didn't know you could get it off of the internet, well, you were missing out... :) At any rate, WOW. Family Guy is generally pretty edgy, and definitely very random. This movie went beyond edgy, and WAY more random than normal. And of course, this means I loved it. :)

As for other movies, I also acquired "Big Fish" and re-acquired "Amelie," I have borrowed 3 Invader Zim DVDs, and 2 Evangelion DVDs (to then be informed by J that he has the entire series on VHS... w00t!), and I still want to re-watch "American Beauty." J and I are going to see "Corpse Bride" tomorrow night, as mad hair-dyeing escapades halted our plans on Friday evening. Five people in the apartment, no one leaves with their natural hair color intact. Good times... :)

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