Friday, September 23, 2005

There are a good many choices for the End of the Work Week Wisdom this week. I think we'll go with one of the non-offensive ones... :)

News Reporter: Here comes Mayor Adam West himself. Mr. West, do you have any words for our viewers?
Mayor Adam West: Box, toaster, aluminum, maple syrup... no I take that one back. I'm gonna hold onto that one.
News Reporter: Thank you, Mayor West.

--"Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story"

That movie is the bomb, and there are so many good quotes from it. :)

In other news, Corpse Bride tonight! w00t! :) *happy dance*

In other other news, I get to wake up ungodly early tomorrow for the yard sale... bleh... hopefully I sell enough crap to make it worth my while... :)

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Michael said...

As soon as I heard about the movie from Nathan(And I"m surprised that I hadn't heard of it before, and a little sad too), I downloaded it. I watched it this afternoon.

That movies was great.

And yes, I was sitting there thinking "Did they really just say/do that?!"

It was great! ^_^