Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Keyword for the weekend as far as games went? Stressful. Well, 2 out of 3.

Friday night, OWBN. Mel walks into the room, and they're cranking MSI. Now, maybe it's just that I've not quite picked up on the MSI trend yet, but I can't stand it. In or out of character. So Mel asks very sweetly that they change it to something different, and they did, though it eventually went back to MSI. At least it wasn't as loud. Add to this that two of the most competent people in the city, one of whom is slated to become my Seneschal that night, aren't there for the first hour or two of game. Nor are any of my Toreador. Nor are the Giovanni, who I need desperately to speak to. Nor is the alleged very important dignitary from Clan Ventrue. So I sit there, with Jane sorta helping me out, but mostly just freaking out about everything.

As things go, it went relatively well, and Mel got to throw a temper tantrum over a wanna-be Anarch. Still need to patch a few things up with the Anarchs on the whole, because I was being a horrible bitch, but that's okay. Sometimes you just have to be bitchy when you're the Prince. Especially when a lot of people don't take you seriously as the Prince... *sigh*...

Saturday night was the Cammie game, and Viridian has adopted a Malkavian. :) Well, not really, but she and Rory have enough in common that they hang together, and then when Rory went into super freak out mode, Viridian got concerned. This game ended up stressful, due to some ST miscommunication, and Clan Tremere getting screwed pretty hard. The good news is that OOC, everyone knows about the screw-up, so things might go a little more gently IC. We can only hope.

Sunday night, Requiem, was the only non-stressful one. I also crocheted for the entire game, except while Kent was cutting the tag out of my shirt, to use in his Halloween costume. We kept telling Bobert that we would turn his game into a crafting circle. I offered to teach Jim how to cross-stitch... :) Despite that, it was nice and relatively relaxing. And 12 is a good number to suggest when the ST asks "how much XP do you want?" :)

You know, it's October now. I forgot to turn in my games for E-Con. Oh well, I wasn't all that interested in running anyway. If I ever read Deleria, and decide that I really want to run it, I'll just run it TT...

Oh, and Turkey Madness in about a month and a half... I think I'm gonna have to make a guest list this year, because after running the same game for three years, one day of the year, it's gotten a reputation... :)

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