Monday, October 10, 2005

Random quote of the day...

"I know by now that you'll arrive
About the time I stop waiting"
--"I Miss You" by Bjork

Okay, so maybe it's not random, but that's okay. It works.

Ummm... movies... oh, I got "Party Monster," and re-watched that. Still a great movie. :) I also picked up a single disc containing "Pump Up the Volume," which I love, and "Bed of Roses," which I've never seen. I get the impression that the latter is some sort of sappy chick flick. I'll watch it at some point, but I probably won't like it all that much... it does have Christian Slater, though, and I did like "Untamed Heart," so many years ago when I saw it... :)

Still haven't seen "Corpse Bride." Might be seeing it this week, might not. I have no clue, at the moment.

Right. Not very chatty at the moment. Will work on that.


jeff said...

I saw corpse bride this weekend. It was good. Not as good as Nightmare, but you know it's hard to follow something like that. The voice acting was very believable... I was able to forget I was listening to J.Depp.

Kent said...

I didn't realize you hadn't seen it. if that's still the case next weekend, maybe there's some folks who'd like to see it. I think I'll like it. especially considering how big a fan I am of Voltaire's song...

Dawn said...

And it takes me four days to find my comments... :)

Well, going to see it tonight, so I should be good... :)