Friday, October 07, 2005

End of the Work Week Wisdom time! :)

"She's an extraordinary girl
In an ordinary world
And she cant seem to get away"

--"Extraordinary Girl" by Green Day

Yes, I still like Green Day, no matter how many goth points it loses me. :p

In other news, I have discovered that when I get plenty of sleep, I get more crazy than I am when I get not enough sleep. This is bizarre to some people, but it's a good kind of crazy, because it's tied in to me being hyper girl! Yeah, I've still got it... :)

Then again, it could just be general excitement, between Seattle and other things in my life... but I credit the good sleep I've been getting lately... :) Now, to just keep that up... :)

In other news, looking like a busy weekend. OWBN tonight, Becky's yard sale tomorrow, Cammie game tomorrow night, and Requiem Sunday night. Throw in grocery shopping, laundry, and possibly shopping with Kent tonight, and I've got a busy busy weekend! Whee! :)

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