Thursday, October 06, 2005

Crafting for this fall looks interesting indeed. I found a new pattern for the pumpkin hat, so I may have to give that a shot soonishly. I told Robert I'd bring one for Isabella, so she may get the prototype of the new one. :)

Last night, I had to make a foray into the craft closet of dOOm. It's only the craft closet of dOOm because it's far too full, and far too inaccessible. It's a long, narrow closet that runs under the stairs to the apartment above, so it's inevitable that if I can get in there (a feat in and of itself), I will bump my head on the sloped ceiling.

Anyways, because I have brilliant insane plans for my Halloween costumes, I had to get at the fabric, which is maybe halfway back in the closet. While I was in there, I got out my suitcase (so I don't have to make another foray before Seattle) and the quilt that I started making well over a year ago... maybe I'll finish it now... :)

Right, brilliant insane plans for my Halloween costumes. I'm doing a goth fairy look for the show on the 29th, and a belly dancer look for Halloween itself. The latter was only decided on this morning, when I saw how neat one of my skirts would look as part of that... :)

So for the goth fairy costume, I need to make the skirt and the wings. I thought I knew what I was doing with the skirt, but I may be confused... we'll have to see... :) The wings will be insanely easy, though I may not make them until I get to Seattle. :)

For the belly dancer costume, I need to make a top of some sort. I have two ideas for patterns for that, so I'll have to play around with it and see which one will work better. I also need to see if the fabric I bought matches my hip scarf or not. I also need to figure out something to keep me relatively warm, because it's gonna be cold up there... whee! :)

So those are the two big projects on the docket at the moment... never mind the craft fair that I'm doing on the 22nd, which I should probably make more stuff for... oi!

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