Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Music related post for today, because I've got exciting news... :)

So I'm sitting around last Thursday night, Doc is in his room doing homework, J and Jesi are playing Pimp, and I'm putzing around on the computer. Not an abnormal Thursday night at our apartment... :)

I'm scanning through my LJ friends' page, and I see Robert, the lead singer from Abney Park, asking if anyone is interested being the merch girl (or boy) at their show on October 29th, in Tacoma... so I mention this to J and Jesi, along with the side note that it would be awesome to get to go see AP play... but I didn't think I wanted to go up for Halloween, because of a party I'm supposed to go to, and because there's an OWBN mini-event locally that weekend...

The both of them started screaming at me that I was insane, and that I had to go to Seattle, or they would smack me. So yeah, I tell Robert that I'll fly out there if I can be the merch girl...

And then I wait, all weekend, to hear back from him... I was a wee bit antsy... :)

Finally hear back from him on Sunday morning. Booked my plane tickets, hotel, and rent-a-car immediately.

So I'm going up to Seattle from October 28th-November 1st. Getting there in the late afternoon on Friday, and probably not doing much that night (the time zones are gonna fuck with my head, I just know it). Saturday, I think I'm going to hit the zoo and art museum in Tacoma (where I'm staying) and then the show is that night. Sunday, I'm gonna go up to Seattle and see a bunch of stuff that is all within a couple of blocks of each other. Monday, I'm going to go to the zoo in Seattle, and then to a party at Robert's house that night. And Tuesday, I fly back home, and collapse at my mom's house. :)

I can't frickin' wait! I took a decent vacation last Halloween, but it was only up to St. Louis. This is gonna be massive... :)

And I still need a 2nd costume idea. For the show, I'm going as a goth fairy. For Halloween itself, I don't know yet... I want to avoid stuff that requires funky makeup, cuz I'm not very good with funky makeup... so yeah, suggestions welcome... :) Keep in mind, however, that from what I've seen of the advance forecast, we're looking at about 50s during the day, and lower 40s-upper 30s at night... that's cold, to me...

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