Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Let's see, game recap...

Saturday night was Sabbat, and once again, Ember is not in the best of positions. This time, she's working for the Giovanni. At least this time everyone knows about it. Unfortunately, this time, she has a bomb in her tummy. This is particularly bad for someone with no fear of death (Death & the Soul), who was training to be a doctor, and is really curious as to the limitations of what she can do without blowing up. Also unfortunately, this isn't one of those things that she can experiment with and know if she's getting close... she'll either blow up into ooey gooey bits, or not learn much... *sigh*... the dilemma...

Sunday night was Requiem / social night, the latter portion meaning that we didn't accomplish a whole lot. Actually, there were a couple of scenes I think I was technically involved in, but I couldn't hear what was going on particularly well, so I just didn't worry about it. It was a fun night, overall... Roi (J) broke out the rivethead persona, and Scary (me) just sorta sat there and went "huh?!" It was amusing. :)

Got OWBN workshop tomorrow night, though I didn't send in in-weeks. Then OWBN Friday, Cammie on Saturday, and we're skipping Requiem on Sunday, so that we can go to Talon Falls... whee haunted houses! :)

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