Monday, October 03, 2005

Movies! :)

So we finally got to see "Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter," after a long delay. J had borrowed a copy from Thor some time ago, but it wouldn't play on the PS2, nor on his (relatively old) computer. Thor finally re-burned it in a format that would play on a DVD player, so we finally got to see it. :) It was corny as all hell, but sometimes corny is okay... :)

Also finally got to see the Andrew Lloyd Webber "Phantom of the Opera" that came out this past Christmas. Megan, of course, being our mother's child, bought it right away. It just took me a while to remember to steal it from her. :) I was relatively impressed, though I still think, much like my mom, that Michael Crawford is far better at being the Phantom than anyone else. I would have liked to see Antonio Banderas in the role, but Gerard Butler did okay. I was really impressed with the guy who played Raoul, though, as he sounded quite a bit like whoever played him on the original soundtrack (I will always know every word to every song, because my mom played that CD so much... :) ).

In other news, I'm headed to Seattle at the end of the month. I'm exceptionally excited about this, and I'm greatly appreciative of Jesi and J for screaming at me that if I didn't go, they'd smack me. They were right, I have to do this... :)

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