Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hmmm... I seem to have neglected to post yesterday. I suppose that's okay, there was all kinds of neat stuff that happened at game on Saturday, but I can't talk about it... it's all sekrit and such... :)

For music today, I shall pimp Pandora. Which is a very kewl online radio station of sorts that you customize to what you like. But unlike LaunchCast, which bases what you might like on other bands that are liked by people who like the bands you like (yeah, I'm not sure I follow that!), it bases what you might like on qualities of the music. Like, for example, it told me I would like a band due to "gravelly male vocals"... well, I do usually like that, but not in this case. Anyways, it's getting better at not playing crap I don't like, and it seems easier to train than LaunchCast is... so bonus! :)

And this means I'm getting a nice little collection of songs to look for the next time I bother with LimeWire. It's good that addiction wore off quickly. Though I'm about to break 6,500 songs on my computer... :)

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