Friday, December 16, 2005

Well, no post yesterday, cuz I was off work. This meant that I was able to finish my Christmas shopping, though, and that's a good thing. :)

I'm also getting my craft projects mostly out of the way, which means I might be able to make some stuff for myself. This is a good thing, because I want more armwarmers, so that I have some that match even more of my clothes. I'm vaguely considering making some to sell, too, since they are relatively simple, now that I have a good pattern worked out. Just as long as I don't throw out that scrap of paper, that is... :)

Game tonight, Christmas party tomorrow. Sunday up in the air. Then another week of work, and then I go to St. Louis... possibly for more than the weekend, though that, too, is up in the air... I need to talk to Megan, and then talk to some people in St. Louis... there are a lot of people up there I'd like to spend some time with, and I'm off for an entire week, so it could be done... it's just a matter of making the arrangements...

No End of the Work Week Wisdom this week, as I've barely worked this week, and I've already distributed all of the wisdom I have to spare for today...

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Kent said...

Here's a piece of Wisdom:

The abbreviation for End of the Work Week Wisdom would be "E.W.W.W." I leave you with that.