Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I forgot to post yesterday. This happens sometimes. Mainly when I'm super busy at work, as I was yesterday.

There are no games to speak of from this past week. Nor will there be games to speak of for some time to come. We are in the boring part of the year, where gamers clamor for something to do, and generally find little to do.

Oh, wait, I'm wrong, there was OWBN on Friday. But there's not much to comment about there. Short game, low attendance.

Getting ready to make my excursion to St. Louis for Christmas. Leaving this Friday, returning at some point after Sunday. The exact details are currently in the air, as I'm trying to meet up with some people in St. Louis, but don't know what their holiday schedules look like. I've got my plans for Friday night lined up, Saturday is booked with family nonsense, and the bulk of Sunday will be also. I may come back to C-dale on Monday, or I might not. I just dunno yet. Hoping to figure it out soon, though, because I think I'll just come home if there's nothing going on up there...

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