Thursday, January 19, 2006

And then I forgot to post on Wednesday... I'm brilliant, brilliant, I tell you... the only problem with brilliance is the accompanying forgetfulness... :)

Anyways, as far as music news goes, I don't have a lot. I found a new band that I think I might like, though I can't recall their name correctly right now... but they do an amazing cover of "Dead Man's Party," so that's why they're currently on my list.

I also am slowly but surely reconstructing my playlists, after buying my 300 gig hard drive and transferring all of my music to it. I lost all my playlists, and all of my play counts, so a lot of stuff is starting over from scratch. There's also still a lot of refining the collection, as I find random songs that are on my playlist that I thought I had deleted, and finding songs repeated on occasion.


In crafty news, there isn't any. I have a craft fair in about 3 1/2 weeks, and I'm at least partially prepared, due to stock remaining from last year, but I know I need to work on some more. There's also about 2/3rds of the 2nd in a pair of armwarmers that continues to sit on my desk. Tonight, I'm buckling down and finishing the armwarmer. Then I'll either crochet more, or sew. But I'm doing something crafty tonight, dammit.


And in other, other news, I'm done with jury duty for this week. I get to find out on Friday if I go in or not next week. It's not all bad, as I got to read for most of the time I was there this week, and I get paid at least some money for it. So that will go into the "buying stuff I want" fund, which involves a fairly major purchase each month for the better part of this year. The hard drive was the first purchase. Haven't decided for sure what number 2 will be...

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