Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gah! No work on Monday + lots of movie and game stuff to mention = we cram it all into a summary post today! :)

So, movies:

Watched "Boondock Saints" because Michael had never seen it, and it was still good. He liked it too, except for when he fell asleep... I blame narcolepsy. Cuz how could you fall asleep during that movie?!

Over the weekend, I watched "Eurotrip," "Equilibrium," and "Wedding Crashers" with Clint. The first and third were both very funny, though the first was funnier than the third. "Equilibrium" was much better than I was anticipating, because I had been told it sucked. But yeah, Christian Bale is yummy, and he kicks a whole lotta ass in that movie. That character might, in fact, be kewler than Batman... ;)

As for games:

Played Paducah Sabbat on Saturday (even though it was originally cancelled) and had a relatively good game, though small. Devyn got a diablerie that got her nothing, really, but 2 XP. Whee, and stuff. :)

Was gonna play Paducah OWBN on Sunday, but it ended up being cancelled. *sigh* Ah well. I guess now I just have to go down there for their next game... and maybe finish my background before then, so I can get Acknowledged at the next formal court... :)

Got C-dale OWBN this Friday, and C-dale Sabbat this Saturday. Both of which are very different from their Paducah counterparts. But that's okay. I guess. :)


In other news, I get to go to jury duty this afternoon... yay, and stuff. So if I disappear for a bit, it might mean that they actually put me on a jury... scary thought, no? :)

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