Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New music! :)

We'll start with Aleccia's contribution to my collection, Drain STH. Good. Stuff. Along a similar vein as Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, or Chiasm, it's just female vocals, slightly on the metal end of things, but mostly just good goth-y music. I'm kinda surprised I wasn't already listening to them, but hey, I am now, and that's what counts. :)

And then we have J's latest contribution, in a long line of successful suggestions. Matisyahu. Wow. He's a Jewish reggae artist... and while the Jewish part wouldn't normally be relevant, it's very relevant in this case. A lot of his music is sort of religiously inspired / motivated, but it's really good. This is odd for me, because I don't like Christian bands. But I like Matisyahu.

In fact, I like him so much that I'm taking J to see him in March! :) I'm beginning to think that we may have to make it a tradition that no matter what, we try to get together during Spring Break and go see a show. Interpol last year was awesome, and I think Matisyahu will be similarly kewl. We've already at least vaguely discussed heading up a bit early to get dinner and maybe hit the zoo again, so this could be turning into a nice little tradition between friends. :)

So yeah, that's the concert I was hinting at on Monday. I wanted to run it by J before I said anything for sure, so I could make sure it wouldn't be a problem for him to get part of the day off work. But he's down, so yeah, that will be awesome. :)

In other news, work is simmering back to a normal level, though I'm still playing catch-up today... c'est la vie... :)

(Hey, that's French... ;) )

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