Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Busy at work today, but folding 400 pieces of paper into envelope size is tedious, at best, and rough on the fingers. So I'm taking a break. :)

Cammie game on Saturday night, which was good stuff. We're slowly but surely working our way through one of the plots, which necessitates a major combat every game. This isn't all bad, as we're getting somewhere with the plot. 3 down, 3 to go. I suspect two of the remaining three will be insanely hard. This last one was no cake walk. But we'll figure something out. We always do, even if it is "fuckin' anorexic," like the plan for #2. :)

OSBN was Sunday night, and though we had to wrap early, it was still good times. Read some tarot cards for a few people, and decided that the magic 8 ball either works for the Sabbat, lies, or is broken. :) Still haven't managed to get Dani re-Acknowledged, but she got adopted by the Malkavians, so it shouldn't be too difficult. That, and she is really and truly Cam, she's just cranky about it sometimes. Oh, and there was MUCH madness with the D situation, but hey, whatcha gonna do... we're operating on ancient false history at this point, but it's hard to get over it... for both of us, in our own ways... :) Traveller (Jim) and I had a nice little heart to heart, after he tried to take away my straw, which somehow had shaped itself into a D... ;)

Anyways, yeah, lotsa work to do for real work, and an Elysium for OWBN on Friday. I'm finally in a position where I don't have to plan anything IC, but I'm helping Jim with a project OOC, which I need to get done ASAP. Probably tomorrow. That should do. :)

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