Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So yeah, I just flat out forgot to post yesterday. I remembered at about 3 minutes till 4. Which was far too late to get started. :)

I finally watched "Oceans 12," a litle bit more seriously than I had watched "Oceans 11." I think I liked it better, yet, at the same time, thought it was really dumb. I like Eddie Izzard in it. :) At one point, I caught myself thinking "I wonder what actress they had Tess pretend to be in the original?" And then I remembered that there wasn't originally a sequel to "Oceans 11." This one was all made up. Which made things like the lasers, the breakdancing, and the hologram all make a whole lot more sense. :)

I also bought some movies on Sunday: replacement copies of "Fight Club" and "Master & Commander" finally, and then "Dead Again," which is a fairly obscure movie with Kenneth Branagh (sp?) and Emma Thompson. I love those two in movies together... someday, I'll probably have to buy "Much Ado about Nothing" as well. :) Watched "Fight Club," which ended up meaning that I watched two Brad Pitt movies in the same day, which was weird. Especially since I don't really like him all that much. :)

Yard sale on Saturday went pretty well, though I didn't sell my Docs, as I was hoping. I've got both pairs listed on eBay right now, and then I found a pair of black size 4s (UK sizing) going for VERY cheap, so I've bid on them. We'll see if I actually get them. My tiny feet may win out in this one! :) I really want something flashier than black, but there is no denying the practicality of owning a pair of black Docs that fit. Maybe I can find the holographic ones in my size someday... :)

(I should note, for those concerned about my shoes, that I got rid of four pairs of sandals already, and if I can sell these two pairs of Docs, I will be condensing my boot collection by one pair (assuming I win the new ones). And I threw out a pair of sneakers, and a few pairs of slippers. So I'm doing good!)

(I should also note that Cindy gave me one shirt on Saturday, and I sold the bulk of the clothes I took to the yard sale, and I didn't buy ANYTHING at the yard sale this year! Go me! :) )

I have a game in the works. A lot of the details aren't even close to being in place yet, but I have a game in the works. And it's not Vampire, or even White Wolf. So :p


Durore said...

I have a game in the works. A lot of the details aren't even close to being in place yet, but I have a game in the works. And it's not Vampire, or even White Wolf. So :p

Would that mean that the rumors I've heard are true? I hear tell that you're leaving staff in the Cam game...

Cataclysm said...

Saw it coming.

Dawn said...

Yeah, it's just a shame that it's having to float around as rumors at the moment... because I'd like to tell Jim before I officially announce it, but I've spoken to him once, for a brief moment, in the course of about 2 1/2 weeks... yeah, I know I could call him, but I'm being obstinate...

Durore said...

Would this mean that the game is going down? That would suck mightily, dispite all the problems with it.

Dawn said...

Not a clue. I think that remains to be seen.

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