Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Asian place in Marion is definitely worth checking out. It's called Sao's Asian Bistro, and it is DAMN good... :) For those local folks who are interested, it's at the same light at Steak 'n Shake in Marion, next to the Harley dealership.

Of course, going there for lunch ended up keeping me out of the office for the bulk of yesterday afternoon, so I didn't post. :)

Today is a day of lots of rain, and what the hell happened to it being May? This is very non-May like weather, in my book. I should be having to open the windows when I get home from work, or be bitching about having to turn on the AC already. It's been cool enough outside in the afternoons that I don't need to open up the apartment, and the AC is totally out of the question. I still have a fleece blanket on my bed (with my summer time sheets, because of those like 3 days when it was warm enough for them).

Not to say I would mind a mild summer... in fact, I could totally deal with that... but I really do want the opportunity to wear some of my summer clothes and not freeze half to death in the process. Yesterday afternoon, I put on shorts when I got home from work. Went to the driving range later (yeah, I know... I didn't hit but like 5 golf balls this time, though...), and thought about putting on jeans. Decided I definitely needed jeans before going to Hangar.

(Fun conversation:
Megan: "So we're going to the driving range, and then to Hangar, and then to Applebee's."
Me: "So it's the same plan as last week?"
Megan: "Yeah, but without the drama... we hope..."

Hurrah for lack of drama! :) )

Right, I think I'll stop rambling now. :)

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