Thursday, May 11, 2006

So yeah, VAST has a new quasi-CD out. I say quasi-CD, because it's not actually a physical CD, much like "Crimson" and "Turquoise" were originally done. It's available as a download for $5.99 here, and that's a really good deal for a "CD"... :)

As to the music, well, I like it. It's very much in a similar vein to "Crimson" and "Turquoise," which means a bit lighter and mellower than the stuff from "Visual Audio Sensory Theatre" and "Music for People." There are a couple of songs that almost start to rock out, but it doesn't quite qualify as rocking out, when it comes to VAST. :)

At any rate, it's definitely worth checking out if you like VAST, which I do. :)

No tour dates still. Other than in Texas. And only 2 of those. :(


In other news, the rain from yesterday is done, and it looks like a somewhat clear day... for today... it's supposed to rain again this weekend. This makes me an unhappy camper because Brat Pack is playing the beer garden at Copper on Saturday night, and it's on the list of possibilities for what we're gonna do Saturday night. If it rains, it goes off of the list. :(

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