Friday, May 12, 2006

I think that Fridays actually have more hours in them than any other day of the week. Someone should fund a study to find out if this is true. Not it! :)

I don't really have any real EotWWW this week, because I'm feeling a bit lazy and not particularly wise. I dreamed about sleeping last night, which sounds very weird, and I assure you, it was. It seems to have ended up leaving me feeling a bit fuzzy headed, which is annoying. Specially cuz I've got some Settlers to kick ass at tonight! :)

I suppose the EotWWW could be that ninjas totally flip out and kill people, a fact which has been proven twice in as many weeks. But that's blatantly ripped off from a website, and, well, what are you really gonna learn by that statement?

I have to find something that pirates are the best at, other than being sexy, to turn into a poll.

This incredibly random post is brought to you by Friday, dreams of sleep, "Serenity" (my iPod), and the letter Q.

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