Monday, May 15, 2006

Well, it would seem I'm diverging from my usual preference of getting hooked on a TV show after it's already off the air. Grant and I watched the pilot and first episode of Lost yesterday, and now I want to watch all of it. :)

It's so much easier to just get hooked on non-current TV shows, because then you can either buy, rent, or borrow the DVDs, and watch them on your own time. If you're watching a current TV show, you either have to wait for a long period of time before it's available on DVD, or (*gasp*) actually catch it on actual TV.

Yeah, there's TIVO and such, but not all of us have those. Hell, not all of us even have the option of watching TV when it airs, because some of us (read: me) don't like TV much, and don't have cable. Yet another reason why it's easier to just get interested in non-current shows.

Well, at least we won't get to watch any more for a couple of weeks, and if we space them out cleverly enough, the 2nd season might be on DVD by the time we get done with the first... of course, I'm not really even sure about what season they're on... though a comment from Megan makes me think it's currently the 2nd season, and somehow that sounds about right to me... :)

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