Thursday, July 20, 2006

Okies, so short version of everything.

1) Jerome's birthday was mostly kewl. Him being sick for part of his birthday wasn't kewl, but other than that, it was okay.
2) Ozzfest rocked. Nuff said. I didn't get too badly sunburned, either.
3) The internet works in my apartment again. *happy dance*
4) I dropped Moxie off at the vet this morning to get spayed. Oi. I bet she's gonna hate me now. Vlad, being the little cutie he is, tried to bust her out of the cat carrier this morning. :)

And that's pretty much about it. Lots of craziness in the works, but it's all in the works at the moment. The parts that I will mention are that I may be starting up a new TT game soonishly, and I may be trying to sell some of my yarn on eBay, because I have WAY too much, and almost never crochet anymore.

I need to make some pillows for Jerome, though, because we moved his TV and all that into his room last night, which means we can lay in his bed and watch movies, but he only has a few small pillows. So he needs more. :) And I told him I'd make something to hold the remotes that he can hang on the headboard, so that they're easy to get at. Maybe with a skull on it. :)

And that's about it. Working on backgrounds for a couple of characters, working, and trying to sleep occasionally. :)

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