Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cindy has three new articles up today:

Nationally Known Sculptor John Medwedeff Finds Small Town Charm in Southern Illinois

Bawdy Wenches Take Over Southern Illinois Ren Faire

My Mistakes in My Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Personally, I'm extra excited about the second one, because it looks like we're going to be selling crafts at the Ren Faire this year, which should be both a good time, and hopefully profitable. It's also the day that our friends Steve and Amber are having their medieval style wedding. They actually got married in May, but I missed the church wedding cuz it was the day of the TMBG concert. So I get to go to their "fun" wedding. And there's gonna be a pig roast, or so I'm told. :)

But check out all of her articles, because they are kewl and well written. :) There will be more to come, I'm sure. :)


In other news, I'm getting really psyched about DragonCon! I still need to come up with one other outfit and/or costume. And I need to decide for sure if I want to do the America McGee's Alice costume. I really should, because it gets more use out of that costume, which I have worn all of once, but it's one of those costumes that usually takes explanation... *sigh*... then again, not like my dark Green Fairy costume doesn't... :)

I also need to work on a couple of hat designs, and see about getting some business cards drawn up. If I can get them done, and get Jerome to be kind enough to model them for me at the Con, I may be able to start doing orders... and that would be sweet...

One of these days, I'm hoping to have a list of all of the craft fairs I'm gonna do this fall... but three of them are still pending... so... we shall see...

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