Monday, August 07, 2006

We shall begin the day by pimping my friend Cindy's article, which is about a glass-blowing workshop in M-boro. This is super spiffy. You can read the article here. Cindy also now has an archive for her articles on my site, which you can find here. There is only one article so far, but it will grow, I'm sure. :)

In other craft related news, we're prolly doing a crapton of shows this fall... like maybe 6. That will be insanity, but we're really hoping to do well. :)

In other other craft related news, I spent part of last week and this weekend working on yarn hair falls. Most people tend to go with using fake hair, and/or making their falls look like dreadlocks, but I just went with straight yarn. Or curly yarn, as the case may be. :) I'm still working out the problems, but I've made three pairs so far, and they keep getting better. The ones Jesi has are far kewler than the ones I've made, but mine are nice and lightweight, which is a good thing. Jesi even thinks I could sell them on eBay, but I dunno... :)

In gaming news, I think I'm becoming an elitist again. Not that I ever stopped in the first place, but yeah... I think my elitist nature has resurfaced. We'll have to see how that pans out.

Busy week at work for me, at least today and tomorrow. Aside from that, however, this looks like a somewhat tame week, though I think I am going to designate this week "find Jerome a job" week. But he's got at least one really good lead, and maybe a couple of other possibilities as well. I'm mostly just hoping the one really good lead will pan out nicely. It would be good.

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