Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Crazy busy gaming weekend, involving three LARPs. This ended up equaling Jerome and I losing our characters (and making new ones), me becoming a Harpy again, and me becoming a Ductus through the cunning use of lies (not flags). But hey, no one has checked me yet to see if I'm a big liar. Because that character is. :)

It's a month to DragonCon now, and Abney Park and Ego Likeness are confirmed. This means I'm going to be seeing 3 of my favorite bands/artists in the world, along with 2 bands that I like quite a bit. I am happy. :)

With DragonCon a month away, this means I'm working on costumes like a madwoman. Right now, it looks like I'm doing four costumes and one other outfit over the course of three days.

Friday night, it'll be Death from Sandman. I had to find a new pair of black jeans, but I still had everything else I needed for that costume.

Saturday day, it'll be Kaylee from Firefly. I still need to find one or two patches for her jumpsuit, and make sure that I can do my hair in the little buns that she does in the pilot episode. And sew the patches on. And maybe find a necklace that looks good. Maybe.

Saturday night, it depends on who is playing. Most likely, though, this will just be the night that I goth out.

Sunday day, I think I'm going with Alice from America McGee's Alice, only because I already have every piece of that costume. :)

Sunday night, which is when I suspect AP will be playing, I will probably revive my Dark Green Fairy costume that I wore for their last show that I got to see, though it will be undergoing some serious modifications, mainly for the different season and climate. I want to try to make some yarn hair falls, but I'm not sure how feasible that will be. I need a different shirt, so I may go back to Goodwill to pick up something I saw on Saturday. And I really should rethink the stripey tights, because it's likely to be too hot for those... I'm definitely rethinking the armwarmers. :)

But yeah, that's gonna be a lot of clothes to pack, particularly as it involves a couple of large dresses/poofy skirts. The good news, of course, is that Jerome will prolly cram all of his stuff into one bag, leaving plenty of trunk space for Jesi and I. w00t! :)


In other news, you would think that putting three adults and two cats into a tiny two bedroom apartment would get a bit crowded, but we're making a pretty decent go of it. Still need another bookcase, but we're working on how we can get that... :)

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