Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back from DragonCon, but barely recovering from the nasty cold that I seem to have obtained in the process. DragonCon was awesome; the cold is not. :(

In my absence, Cindy published a whole bunch of articles:

Eye Doctors Can Find More than Just Visual Problems

Pre-Katrina Visit to New Orleans Makes Me Wish I Could Go Back Again

Eight Ways to Save Money Even on a Tight Budget

The Basics of Cataract Surgery: What You Need to Determine If You Need Cataract Surgery

Southern Illinois City Fights for a Drink of Water

And the link to mine will be here as soon as I get it. I'm just awaiting final approval at this point... and I've got at least a couple more planned... I just need to find time to write them!

Busy busy busy. I'll maybe post something of some sort of substance when the busy-ness subsides... if that ever happens...

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