Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm a little behind posting Cindy's latest articles, but here they are now:

Surviving Avonex Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Reality Shows Worth Catching: Rockstar Supernova and The Ultimate Fighter

Moderates and Liberals Need to Listen to Rush Limbaugh

Problems with Illinois Medicaid Doom All Kids Program to Failure

The reason I'm behind is that I was wanting to post one of my own along with hers this week... but mine isn't up yet, so that will have to come later... likely much later, as today is my last day of work for a week. DragonCon, here we come! :)

So yeah, don't expect anything in the way of updates till next Wednesday, and even then, that will depend on how crazy things get around here while I'm gone! So much going on at work... and moving into craft fair season... oi...

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vilenolram said...

Hey whats up. Just wanted to say hello and let ya know I still am readin' your blogs and such. I still care about ya good buddy be sure to let all know marlon says hi. always thinking of my carbondale buddies.