Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Two new pieces from Cindy, which, unfortunately, should have been posted yesterday or earlier...

Sept. 11 Anniversary Makes Me Long for Ignorance

Cedarhurst Craft Fair Attracts 15,000 Visitors, Great Art

Unfortunately, Cedarhurst was this past weekend... so yeah... that is the only gripe I have thus far with Associated Content... sometimes it takes them a while to get around to putting up your new content... :(

I've got a couple of articles pending at the moment, and a few more in the works... luckily, none of mine are time sensitive...

Anyways, these new ones from Cindy are still great articles, so read them! :)


In other news, Beerfest is Saturday, and I am happy. I bought my ticket, assuming that at least some of the usual crew would be going, and then discovered I was wrong. Luckily, some of the people who have turned 21 (or older) recently decided that they wanted to go, so I will have people to taste beer with. Hurrah! (Never mind the fact that I hate beer; they have other tasty alcohol to sample at Beerfest, and barbeque that is to die for. :) )

At least this weekend is tame. The next three will not be. Yard sale on the 23rd, Family Weekend Craft Fair the next weekend, and Ren Faire the third weekend. Then I get a weekend off. Craft fairs are almost like a second job (and this writing thing is turning out to be kinda like a third job), but at least I like them. :)

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