Monday, October 23, 2006

Oi... I spent a lot of time sick and otherwise not at work last week. Monday, my car wouldn't run, so I stayed home till I could get it to the shop. Tuesday was normal. Wednesday, I got a migraine around lunchtime that took almost a full day to leave me alone. So Thursday was spent recovering, and Friday was preparation for Vulture Fest. All in all, I only worked a day and a half. Craziness.

So unsurprisingly, there are a few articles from my downtime. :)

Cindy has three:

Making My Own Thanksgiving Traditions is More Fun Than Visiting Family

Slimy Illinois Politicians Take State from Bellwether to National Joke

EBay & Phishing: You Recognize It, Now What?

And I also have three:

What Should I Give My Co-Workers for the Holidays?

Top Holiday Gifts for the Firefly Fan in Your Life

Physical and Social Benefits of Learning to Belly Dance

Whee, fun and excitement! :)


In other news, Vulture Fest was not too bad, but then I ended up spending most of what I made on other peoples' stuff. Specifically jewelry and soap. Cuz I love homemade soap, and though I still haven't found the Almond Oatmeal Raspberry stuff that I love, plain almond is pretty good too. :)

I am, unfortunately, pretty badly windburned, and swamped as all get out. I have a lot of stuff that I'd like to work on, but we'll see how much of that actually gets done. Last week was fairly productive on the crafts, not so much on the writing. This week, if I'm smart about it, should go in the other direction. But I may not be smart about it, as it's far easier to crochet and watch a movie than write and watch a movie... at least for me. :)

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