Friday, October 13, 2006

Two new articles for both Cindy and I today!


Illinois Wine and Wineries Offers a Variety of Tastes at Low Prices

AustraLearn a Great Help for Studying in Australia, New Zealand


Beowulf & Grendel: An Epic Worth Watching

This is a new-ish movie that we rented, and I really liked, even if it wasn't quite the "Beowulf" that I read in school.

Holiday Gifts for College Students

Because cash and alcohol aren't necessarily what you want to give them, even if that is what they want. :)


We haven't had any End of the Work Week Wisdom for a LONG time... not like I have any today, but I just thought I'd comment on that fact. :)

I plan to thoroughly enjoy my weekend of not having to sell crafts. :) Of course, this means I will probably spend at least a decent amount of time tomorrow working on crafts... at least in between trying to write some more articles. :) Practice makes perfect, and all that. :)

The hopeful highlight of the weekend, though, will be taking a drive somewhere, as the leaves are starting to get good... only barely starting, but depending where you look, they can be very beautiful...

At the very least, we're gonna go to the Halloween store in Marion either Sunday or Monday. w00t! :)

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