Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Okies, catching up on articles first. Three from Cindy, and five from me.


An Easy (and Cheap) Way to Make it Smell Like Christmas

Free Online Zombie Game: Dead Awaken

10 New Year's Resolution Suggestions for Illinois Governor Blagojevich


Creative Christmas Traditions: Barbequed Hamburgers and "Pink Stuff" for Christmas Dinner?

Creative Christmas Traditions: The Great Wrapping Paper Fight

Creative Christmas Traditions: Opening Presents Youngest to Oldest

White Elephant Gift Ideas: Office, Family, and Friend Gift Exchanges

Free Online Zombie Games: Dead Awaken and Urban Dead

Yeah, Cindy and I ended up both writing articles about the same game... go fig, seeing as she and I both play(ed, in my case) it... :)

Also, Cindy has another article up, but there's nothing there when you click on it... so I'll post that one when there is something there... the problems with AC continue...


Right now, I'm sitting on a list of articles that I just don't have the time to write. I'm (almost) done with craft fairs for this year (we picked up just one more, but it's a very short one), so I'm working on a few commissions before the end of the year. Actually, I have some leeway on one of those, but I promised another one for this week... so that will take a couple of hours tonight...

But yeah... Christmas is upon us, and I'm busy busy busy. I have maybe half of my Christmas shopping done, or will when we finally manage to get this large box from UPS... unfortunately, they like trying to deliver before Jerome wakes up, which means that no one answers the door. So we'll prolly end up having to drive to Marion to get it... *sigh*...

Gah. I just looked at the calendar, and realized that actual Christmas is 3 weeks from yesterday... but all of my Christmas festivities are before actual Christmas... which means I need to get off my butt with the rest of the shopping! Then I have to find some place to keep all of this stuff... I'm beginning to lean towards keeping a bunch of it here in my office, as I have WAY more space here than at home... I also have large tables where I can do the present wrapping... seems like a plan, somehow. :)

Yeah, the more I think about this, the more I realize just how crazy my next 3 weeks are gonna be... can't wait until I get that week off at Christmas! :)

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