Monday, November 27, 2006

Three new articles from me today:

Simple Steps to Organizing Your Closet

Why You Should Keep Copies of College Papers

How to Preserve Copies of Your College Papers

Yeah, it's all on a bit of a theme... :) Guess I was feeling organized that day. :)


So let's see here... other news...

Thanksgiving was nice, and the break was pretty relaxing. Of course, I spent most of Saturday sewing, and most of Sunday getting things ready for the big craft fair, which is this coming weekend. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, at the SIUC Student Center. Lots of craftiness. Come buy some. :)

Once that's all done, I can start thinking about Christmas pressies. Mostly, I'm waiting to see how much stuff I sell. If I sell lots, awesome. If I have a lot of certain items left over, then some people will be getting pressies out of my stock. :) But they're pretty darn kewl, so it's not all bad. :)

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jeffdav said...

Heh, I just trashed all my undergrad notes and papers. And by "trashed" I mean "ran through the industrial shredder and recycled the confetti."
I have also trashed most of my gradschool work. It's different with computers--nobody expects you to be able to write and you really don't want them to see code you wrote as an undergrad.