Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nope, I haven't posted in a good long while. I can't say that I've been particularly busy or anything, either. I just haven't posted.

Part of the reason may be because of the recent dearth of articles by either Cindy or myself. Cindy has been working on other projects, and I just didn't have anything to write about. But I do have two new(-ish) articles:

The Craziest Christmas Party Game - The Mad Santa Gift Exchange

Irish Film Disco Pigs: Early Cillian Murphy Film Shows His Acting Talent

I should make a note here about some of the crazy links in the first article. I didn't put them there. Associated Content has introduced a concept called "interlinking," which involves a program inserting links into your articles when you use certain keywords. Unfortunately, this program is so far in beta that they really ought to call it alpha. The site admins are promising fixes for it, but they rolled it out yesterday, two days before Thanksgiving. I seriously doubt we're gonna see many changes for at least a week...

Anyways, if you've got nothing better to do, read through some of my older articles and find all of the out-of-context links that they've inserted. "Running" is my favorite, as it appears in several of my articles.

Or you can count how many times they link a specific phrase in a single article. The Christmas and Halloween articles are great for that, as they link EVERY mention of the holiday, and also my article on belly dancing...

Right. So I have more stuff coming up soon, and I just hope they fix this soon, because it makes my articles UGLY. In fact, if you are a regular reader of my articles, and agree that it makes it ugly, why not let the head honchos know? E-mail and tell them what you think of it. :)

Moi, devious? Never.

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