Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Two new articles from Cindy today:

Common Courtesy: Practice Being Polite

All You Ever Needed to Know about Chicken Pox

Interestingly enough, I've still never had chicken pox... I've been exposed enough times, though, that I doubt I will ever get them... but apparently, you never know. :)


In other news, I have created my very own functional slipper pattern. My pair is almost done, and then I think I will try to make some other ones. The most interesting thing I learned in doing this is that the difference between sizes of human feet, when reduced to inches, is not very great. My size 6 (womens' size) feet are about 9 inches from toe to heel. Jerome's size 12 (mens' size) feet are only about 10 1/2 inches. Funny what a difference that inch and half makes, though, because I've worn Jerome's boots, and my feet swim in them.

Of course, I'm planning to do other research. I've measured Jesi's feet already, and I'm thinking about trying to get other people to measure their feet for me... cuz it's weird to go up to someone who isn't your roommate and say "hey, can I measure your feet?" :)

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