Monday, January 29, 2007

Cindy was apparently super busy this past week, with five new articles posted yesterday:

Changing Date of the Illinois Primary May Help Obama, Improve Illinois' Image

Thirty Years of Country Fiddle Leads to Full Class: Joanne Long's Class at John A. Logan College

Southern Illinois Group Las Damas Latinas Brings Together Women of Hispanic Heritage

Balance Fitness Studio in Carbondale Mixes Pilates and Recreation Therapy

Obama's Run for President is Right Man, Wrong Time

Nothing new from me, of course. I haven't had any good ideas for articles lately, which kinda sucks. Instead, I've been devoting lots of time to my Etsy stuff (ScaryWhiteGirl Designs). I've got over 100 things listed now, and more to come. Now, if I could only sell a few more things... *sigh*...

But I am getting better at navigating the site, and I even snagged a Treasury yesterday. The link will only be good till about 3 p.m. Tuesday, but if you're here before that, give it a look: SuperBowl Time!.

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