Friday, January 19, 2007

Three more articles from Cindy:

News Organizations Launches First Real Questions about Obama's Record

Technicolor Universial Media Announces Closing of Pinckneyville Plant, 440 Jobs Lost

How To Survive Your Cat's First Heat

Nothing new from me on the article front. :)


In other news, I'm spending a few minutes here and there today to get more Valentine's Day stuff listed on my Etsy store: Scary White Girl Designs. So if you're looking for cute cards or presents for people, check it out! :)

I would also like to note that Etsy made the New York Times yesterday: Rooting Around Grandma's Basement in Cyberspace. The article does point out some of the negatives of the site, but overall, I'm pleased to see Etsy featured in such a prominent newspaper!

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