Friday, March 16, 2007

Right, so I guess I haven't posted in like three weeks. You might think I'm a slacker, but I assure you, I'm not.

The last week of February and the first week of March were spent busily working on the final proofreading of the new Lincoln Forum book, which is due out in April. Now, if you've been following this blog (and/or my life) for long enough, you've probably heard me talking about the first two Lincoln Forum books. Well, certainly the 2nd one. I didn't get credit in the first one. In the second one, my name was on the title page, but not the cover. For this third one, I'm on the cover, right alongside the other two editors.

This was actually a negotiation on my part. My boss wasn't interested in doing the third book, but his friend was pestering him about it. I told him to tell his friend that we would do it (meaning I would do the bulk of the work) as long as I could be on the cover this time. His friend agreed. So I get cover credit! :)

When it's actually out, I'll let everyone know, but I'm fairly certain that I've already given away any free copies that I might receive. Mom and Dad each get one, along with Uncle Joe, Seth H., and I believe I promised one to Clint. Jerome's dad will also want one, I know, and Candace (my tattoo artist) wants a signed copy. :) Hell, I don't even know if I am getting ANY free copies, let alone... 7?! Oh, wait, 8, cuz I'd like to keep one. :)

So yeah, that's what occupied two of the three weeks during which I didn't post. This past week has been spent working on stuff for ANOTHER book, though I won't be getting any credit on this one either. Really, all I've been doing is typing old articles that are being reprinted. Yeah, it's work, but not of the credit-worthy variety. Probably gonna be working on that book all next week too, and then I am OFF for an entire week, for our trip to Seattle! :)


So, let's catch up with Cindy, shall we? She's been writing busily:

Amazon Tops Ebay for Selling Old Books, Videos, Games

How to Simplify Your Surroundings

Sweeter Than the Sweet Sixteen

A March Madness Primer for Non-Fans

New Budget Proposal Cuts More Southern Illinois Workers

Which is a mix of good advice on decluttering, March Madness related stuff, and local news.

I haven't written anything in a good long while. I've actually stopped even looking at most of the writing sites that I used to look at because I've been so busy at work, and so worn out when I get home. It's craziness, I tell you! :)

(And as an aside, I took Cindy's advice from the first article and opened an Amazon store here. It's mostly game books and vampire novels, but there are some CDs and one DVD.)


In gaming news, I gave up on my Serenity/Firefly game, because the rules were giving us all headaches, and that made it not fun for me. Instead, I'm running Werewolf TT now, and it's considerably more fun. I suppose I need to decide where I'm going with the plot, as I'm supposed to maybe run it tomorrow. I think I'll be let off the hook for a bit, though, as Bryan and Vanessa will be in town for Vanessa's b-day.

And then I get like 3 more weeks to slack off, because we'll be out of town the next Saturday, E-Con is the weekend after that, and we may be going to Garou LARP the weekend after that! w00t! :)


And in crafting news, it's more of the same, I suppose. I've been coming up with stuff to crochet that is good for summer wear, as opposed to winter hats and things. :) After we get back from Seattle, I'm going to be looking into doing some tie-dyeing, for some neat crocheted headbands that I've made. Those should be fun and summer-y! :)

And that is all from the land of Dawn.

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vilenolram said...

hey its good to see your having fun how was the craft fair for you dawn?