Friday, April 13, 2007

Yeah, it's been a while. :)

So first off, since the news is completely official now, Jerome and I are moving to Seattle in May. My last day at the Grant Association is May 4th, and he will be working at "the BK Lounge" (Burger King, for the non-Dane Cook fans) a little longer than that. On May 14th, we get to pack everything we own into a moving truck. On May 15th, we get to move almost everything we own onto a flatbed trailer, and then start driving across the country in our car. We plan to get to Seattle on May 18th, and our stuff will arrive a few days later. This is good, because we haven't found an apartment yet, so we will be staying in a hotel while we try to track down a good deal. :)

It's a big move, in a lot of ways. I'm leaving my job of almost 9 years, I'm leaving the Midwest, and I'm going to a major city. I'm very excited, though, because I love Seattle! I also love Jerome very much, and it will be wonderful for both of us to be in Seattle. He starts art school in October, and I will be working while he's in school for three years. Then, he wants to get a job and let me go back to school for my Ph.D. :) I dunno if I will for sure, but it's a nice possibility. :)

So yeah. We will be making a few stops on our final tour of the Midwest, so if you've been wanting to catch up with me, now is the time to do it. Our weekends are filling up quickly, and we're counting down the days till we become vagabonds of a sort... :)


In other news, Type O Negative is playing Pop's tonight. I haven't seen them in something like 3 years, so I am super excited. :) I'm also excited because we should have free tickets! :) 3 more hours of work, and then I go retrieve Nick (who is getting us the free tickets) from his dorm, and then we're off to harrass the BK Lounge employees until Jerome gets off work at 5. :) Whee! :)


And in other other news, I really am going to try to update more often over here. As we prepare to move away from our friends and family, it will be good to get in the habit of posting news and such here, so they can keep up with us. I'm not sure how many of them read this now, but I'll have to start pointing people I know in this direction to keep up with us. :)

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