Saturday, May 26, 2007

We got to Seattle Friday, I posted last on Sunday. Since then, plenty of stuff going on. Time for another update. :)

On Monday afternoon I had an interview for a job. I thought that it went very very well, and was very pleased with the prospects of working for this company. :)

Also on Monday, we moved into our apartment. We didn't have any furniture with us, but we had our sleeping bags, and the bedroom is carpeted, so good enough. :) It's a nice one bedroom apartment with all of the rooms being nice and big. It is wonderful to have a kitchen where two people can be working on stuff, and not tripping over each other. The bathroom is also large, our bedroom is WAY bigger, and the living room is big enough that it will be our living room / office / dining room / sewing area. If we ever get a futon and finish unpacking our boxes. :)

Tuesday we decided to explore the bus system for the first time, as Jerome had an appointment at his school. We have successfully navigated the buses now. :) The appointment at his school was regarding financial aid, and wasn't the greatest news, but at least he is getting some grants. That's better than none. :)

On Wednesday, we found out bright and early that our stuff had arrived, so I found some movers, and made arrangements to have our stuff moved in. Yes, Jerome and I could have rented another U-Haul, loaded it up, drove it up here, unloaded it, and returned it. The problem with this theory, however, is that we live at the top of a hill on a very busy street (a.k.a. a highway). From the front of the building, you go up a short flight of stairs, and then down a short flight of stairs to get to our front door. From the back of the building, you go up two flights of stairs with a turn in the middle. And our apartment is technically on the first floor! :) Couple this with our VERY tiny parking lot, and it seemed like it was going to cause a lot less aggravation to just hire movers and let THEM figure out all of the tricky bits. They did so quite nicely, I might add. :)

Wednesday was also the day that I found out that they wanted me to take the job I had interviewed for. w00t! :)

I think we spent most of Thursday unpacking and such. It's a bit of a blur. :)

Yesterday, I went by my new office in the morning, and ended up sitting in on a staff meeting. So I got to meet my co-workers, and see that the dress code there is pretty laid back. Almost everyone was in jeans. :) It was a Friday, of course, but I think that the dress code is pretty laid back all the time. :)

Came home, finally got the wireless internet working, went shopping for a bit, and finally managed to get a lot of my online stuff done. :)

Oh, and my books got here. :) I will be sending those out to the appropriate recipients as time permits. Mostly, they're all spoken for, I think.

Upcoming agenda:
I start work on Tuesday, and won't be getting any days off (other than weekends) till the 4th of July. Ah well, I can live with that. :) Because I WILL be able to get a week off at Christmas, and since Jerome should also be off school then, we will get to come back to the Midwest for Christmas. We'll have to split our time between St. Louis (my family) and Marion (his), but we should have a little time to see friends as well. :) (Oh, and get tattoos. :) )

Also on Tuesday, we get to go to our first concert in Seattle. Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, Within Temptation, and Stolen Babies. I love all four of these bands, so I am super duper happy. Jerome doesn't like The Gathering or Within Temptation quite as much as me, but he does like some of their stuff. And he loves the other two bands. :)

Jerome will be starting school in July now, so he has another month of freedom. But with me being at work in the day time, I think he's gonna get a whole bunch of errands to run for me... lucky him... :)


Marcus said...

I'm at work and very bored since my current contract is almost up.

So you moved to Seattle? For a job? What job? Still history?

Jerome is the current beau then?


Dawn said...

Heh. Well, let's see here. :)

Yep, I moved to Seattle. This is mostly because Jerome is going to art school out here, and I wanted to come with him. :)

But I did get a job, and it is history related, vaguely. More editing than history, really, but that's related to what I was doing, sorta. It's convoluted. :)

We'll be in St. Louis Christmas-ish. :)