Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I haven't posted a picture of myself for a good long while... not that I look a whole lot different from my main picture, but here is an amazing picture that the lovely Ms. Magdalene Veen of Abney Park took of me at their show a little over a week ago:

I think I really like this picture because I'm really pleased with the way that my outfit turned out. The goggles came from eBay, as did my boots (which you can't see, but they're just black Doc Martens). The lower belt that I'm wearing was something that Jerome had around the apartment (which I have more or less claimed as mine), and everything else in the outfit was found at Goodwill! The skirt is silk, the "vest" is actually a dress that had no buttons when I bought it, and the shirt beneath the vest is just a tank top with a neat pattern to it, part of which matches the color of the skirt.

I've actually been collecting a whole bunch more steampunk clothes, which means many more fun outfits to come, if I can come up with excuses to wear them. :)

In other news, we get to go see The Creepshow tonight, which is a psychobilly band with a female lead singer. This is slightly amusing to me because my Vampire character right now is a Toreador psychobilly singer. She didn't start out that way, but it's her chosen genre now. :) Also amusing is the fact that I'm going to wear the shirt that I made to wear to game on Saturday to the show tonight. I'll see if I can get Jerome to get a picture of it, because it is pretty cute, and it fits me pretty much perfectly. Ah, the joys of making your own clothes! :)

And, holy crap, I actually made a shirt! Granted, it's little more than a tube top with a neck strap, made out of an old T-shirt, but it's still a shirt. I believe that's my first successful shirt... :)

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