Monday, September 10, 2007

Not my idea of a weekend

I love my weekends, so I always really hate it when I have a cruddy weekend. It started out Saturday with me being grumpy, so I went shopping for a while to improve my mood. That worked, but then that evening, at game, I started feeling really ill, so we had to leave early. By Sunday, I felt physically better, but was very tired and pretty much in a funk all day. I tried to make the most of it by getting a bunch of crochet done, and that seemed to work. Today, I'm feeling fine physically and emotionally, so I seem to have shaken whatever this ickiness was.

I suppose, in the end, it's better when this stuff hits me on the weekends, cuz it doesn't do so well when I'm at work and either feeling ill or out of sorts.

This week, I need to get a lot done. I'm hoping that my bottle caps will arrive in the mail in the next day or two, and I'm picking the other ones up from Julie hopefully on Wednesday. I have five more belts that I'd like to get done before Saturday, along with a few more hats. And there's a couple more articles to write. So yeah, true to form, I'm overloading myself with stuff to do. Oddly, that will probably slightly improve my mood, because I'll be busy. I'm sure that having a project to work on at work today has been helping me stay happy this morning.

I also need to make a decision on which of two tattoos I want to get next... Jerome told me that I should get one before Christmas, which wasn't necessarily part of the plan. So I've got two ideas in mind. One is definitely much cheaper than the other, but the location where I want to get it may be a problem for healing. The other idea is bigger and thus more expensive, but it will be an easier location to heal... except that it's on the side that I normally sleep on.

There are all of these little things about tattoos and healing and such that you really don't think about until you've gotten one or five. :)

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