Thursday, September 06, 2007

Only one thing to be said today...


For those who don't know, Megan is my baby sister, if "baby" is allowed to mean "23-year-old." Of course, since I'm *cough* years older than her, if "*cough*" is allowed to mean "old enough to remember her being born," I remember when she was born. :)

Ah yes, I distinctly remember being told, early in the morning as my dad got my brother and I ready for school, that we had a new little sister. My brother and I burst out into tears. We had wanted a brother to even things out. I suspect we even asked if she could be taken back.

True story: when my mom had her ultrasound done while she was pregnant with Megan, the doctor looked at the ultrasound picture and told her that she would be having a boy. My mom believed the doctor, and told us we would have a brother. As it turns out, Megan was apparently doing gymnastics in the womb, and had gotten her umbilical cord wrapped between her legs... oh. In other words, was not a boy. Just an ultrasound boy.

I never get tired of telling this story. I also sometimes tell our mutual friends to call her "Andy," because her name would have been Andrew if she had been a boy.

Okay, so despite all of the silliness, I'm glad I got a baby sister 23 years ago. And I miss her muchly, since I haven't seen her since May!

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