Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Super awesome game

Excuse me while I geek out for a little while. If you're not into gaming, or Scion in particular, this post will probably be a bunch of nonsense. Just come back tomorrow, and I promise there will be a less geeky post. :)

So Saturday night was Scion, and though we ended up getting there late, it was a really wonderful game. We hadn't played for about a month, so it took a little bit for me to get back into the swing of things, but once I did, it was fabulous.

My character in that game, Kendall, is the daughter of Tyr, and she is in somewhat regular communication with her father. When she talked to him during this game, she found out that a good chunk of the Norse pantheon was going to come to see her band, Gleipnir, perform. Of course, this had both Kendall and me freaking out, because she wanted to be sure to impress them! :) While some of the other characters were doing things, I was flipping through the book, and I pointed out Loki to Jerome, and said "well, at least he's not showing up."

Of course, Loki DID show up, and pretty much all hell broke loose. Baldur ended up getting gored by a roller derby girl wearing wooden horns, and, as we rapidly discovered, it was all Loki's fault. Well, Jerome's character followed him out as he was leaving (Loki was disguised as Odin at this point), and all of the sudden, "Odin" got attacked. A few seconds later, we realized that it was Coyote attacking Loki, and Coyote is a regular ally of ours. So all of the sudden, the majority of the rest of the Scions that Kendall runs with are attacking Loki. All I could do was say "you guys, he's on our side!"

At any rate, they managed to take him down (hurrah for going diceless for the night, and this being a major plot point!), and Coyote ended up using one of Kendall's Relics to bind Loki... which just happens to be a scrap of Gleipnir, also known as the stuff that was used to bind the Fenriswulf. Yeah. (Luckily, Tyr came back and effectively embedded my "relic" into Kendall's hand, so that she can't lose it... unless she gets her hand cut off... oh.)

Short version: we averted the first sign of Ragnarok a month or so ago. Now Loki is bound, and one of my Scion pals asked "what happens to him now?" Me: "Oh, he gets to go have a snake drip venom on him for all eternity." And, of course, I was totally right. So now the second sign of Ragnarok has come. Yay!

So yeah, things look dire, but we're heading to Greenland next, to hang out with a group of Vikings who have apparently been cut off from civilization for a thousand years. :) Bizarre, yes, but that's the fun of a quasi-fantasy game! :)

I totally love this game, particularly in the style that it's being run. It's very dramatic, while at the same time, being really laid back in terms of the rules and the dice rolls. The ST very much wants the story to be about the heroes being heroic, so when the dice have the potential to get in the way, we just don't use them! So far, this seems to be working really well, and I like it! (It may also have something to do with the fact that I would LOVE for my games to run just like this. :) )


Anonymous said...

Lol! I'll come back tomorrow... you're too funny!

Dawn said...

Can't help it, I have to geek out every once in a while. It's in my nature! :)

jenny said...

We should have coffee sometime so you can explain to me about this world you live in. I won't be hard to spot, I'll be the one with the walker and miracle ear.

Dawn said...

Yes, but I sometimes wonder if the world I live in is not necessarily the same one that everyone else lives in. :) If that's the case, it might be hard to find people living in the real world. :)