Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Chicken with no head

Gah, that title reminded me of a horrible scene from the movie that Jerome was watching before I went to bed last night. Super gory, a chicken got its head cut off. I was shocked.

But that wasn't what I meant by the title, initially. No, I am the chicken with no head, as I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off at work today. I have literally spent almost four hours solid bouncing from one project to the next, with just a few tiny breaks to check my E-mail and such. Pretty much everyone in the whole office is busy, and so I get the trickle-down of a lot of that. I already know that I will probably spend the bulk of my afternoon making photocopies. Oh boy...

All in all, though, it's not bad. I'd rather have a ton of stuff to do than have to sit around and idly surf, because I've got sporadic work landing on my desk. Having stacks of work is good for me. It keeps me focused. :)

I also have stacks of work in terms of stuff at home, too. Tonight is going to be crafts night, finishing up a couple of projects and working on my Etsy shop. Tomorrow night will be writing night, so if you're expecting a press release or some other writing from me, look for it late tomorrow or early Thursday. I don't have Thursday and Friday defined as of yet, but I'm sure there will be things that come up between now and then to fill those evenings as well. :)

For now, it's back to my lunch. Which, oddly enough, is also chicken.


Marlon LeClaire said...

HI! sounds like things are fun in a odd decapitated chicken kind of way. Hope you are not over worked, but busy is cool. Have a wicked October and a fun rest o'2007.

drop me a line at vilenolram@hotmail.com if something is up. you still doing larps? hope all is well, thanks

Dawn said...

Hey there! :) Yeah, I'm still LARPing, though it's Changeling and Werewolf now, at least when I'm not sick or doing other things. :)