Thursday, October 11, 2007


I was busily working on editing when I got an E-mail from Jerome, telling me that he has a surprise for me when I get home.

Of course, I've been waiting for said surprise for almost 3 weeks, so I instantly knew what it is.

*happy dance*

(Long version: Jerome decided that he was going to find me a ring. He tried to be all sneaky about it, but I am clever, and figured out what was going on. So I told him that I would really like a ring from Etsy, and then started sending him links. This led to us sitting on Gmail chat, sending each other links to some of the silliest rings known to man, and then we found this one. Which is, officially, The One. :) )

1 comment:

Anandi said...

Yay! it's different. I like it.

I'm going to learn how to set stones in my metalsmithing class tomorrow. woo hoo!