Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tired, but it's okay

I had a lot of fun last night at the EtsyRain meeting, which was all sorts of insanity and crafting. :) I got to deliver a ruffled pumpkin hat to KC, for her daughter, and then I let her son pick what two colors he wanted for his hat, which is now about 3/4 of the way done. As much as I would never ever ever wear one of my ruffle hats, they do look so cute, especially on little girls. :)

I'm mostly proud of myself that I managed to avoid JoAnn's and Michael's, because I know I would have spent WAY too much time and money in both. Instead, I gave Jerome a scrap of yarn and said "please go buy me more of this color." I also sent him off to shop in the mall for a bit, which resulted in a lot of "hey, I found something you want!" I managed to resist most of the things, but he did buy "Death Proof" (I think) on DVD. We didn't manage to get to the theater to see Grindhouse, because blocking out 4 hours to see a movie was a little difficult with our work schedules and me liking to sleep. But it's Tarantino and Rodriguez, and there's very little chance of going wrong with those guys. :)

Tonight, I need to work on getting things ready for the Fall Thing show on Saturday. Tomorrow night, writing (I do my best writing on Wednesday nights, probably because Jerome is in class.) Thursday and Friday night, as usual, are somewhat open at the moment, though I know there will be more things to prepare for the Fall Thing show. I'm setting up my half of the table in my brain already, and just trying to figure out exactly how much stuff I can bring... right now, I think that will be hats, cards, and ornaments... and maybe some ice cream and bottle cozies, because I love them. :)

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sara said...

Just because it's getting colder doesn't mean that there can be no more ice cream cozies - MUST bring ice cream cozies!!!
And hey - thanks for the great encouragment on my blog!