Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So I half-watched two movies last night, though I don't think that equates to watching a whole movie. The math is a little wonky, I'll admit. :)

Started off with "Stranger Than Fiction," which wasn't bad for a Will Farrell movie. It was, however, a little bit dry and slow moving, and even my love for Emma Thompson and Maggie Gyllenhall couldn't save it. I was also being driven slowly mad during the movie because one of the IRS workers looked REALLY familiar but I couldn't figure out what else he's been in.

After that, we watched "Deathproof" (which was, in fact, what Jerome bought at Crossroads on Monday). I didn't really care for the first half of the movie at all, and was doing other stuff. I didn't sit down to watch it until the second half, when Tracey Thoms and Rosario Dawson were in it. Then, I liked it. :) There was just something about the girls in the first half of the movie that severely annoyed me, too.

So yeah, most of why I wasn't watching either movie is that I was working on getting stuff ready for the Fall Thing. Looks like I'm going to be bringing hats, ice cream and bottle cozies, cards, and the small handful of ornaments that I made last year. Thank goodness I did NOT write 2006 on them. :) I think I've got my display basically figured out, though I wish I had a small Christmas tree or something to hang the ornaments on. I'll figure something out, cuz I'm clever like that. :)

Writing tonight. Running errands tomorrow night. Maybe working on cards Friday night. I knew I'd have the rest of my week planned in no time flat.

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