Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday already?!

This week is flying by, which is kinda good, but also kinda bad, because I have way too much stuff to do, and never enough time. I've got 2 interviews sitting in my inbox right now, and possibly as many as 6 more coming in!

The good news is that my costume issues have been resolved, because we already had a cloak with a high pointy collar on it! So I won't be perfectly authentic, but I think my costume will get the idea across, and I'm gonna do the makeup as perfectly as I can. :)

We're going to go look for a suit for Jerome tomorrow and/or Friday, so cross your fingers that I can find something in purple. If it's his size or too big, it will work... it's only if it's too small that we won't be able to work with it. And with his beanpole-ness, too small is totally a possibility. *sigh*

I taught myself a neat new stitch pattern last night, and I'm thinking I'm gonna just pull the matching hat and armwarmers from my Etsy shop and keep them for myself. Because I made a little scarflette in the same yarn, and the set goes with my pirate coat... so I could totally wear stuff I made all winter. That would rock! :)

I suspect I'll be experimenting lots with this new stitch pattern, though. It's fairly simple, but it makes for very textural pieces, it works up quickly, and it seems pretty adaptable as well! Neat! :)

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