Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So the front half of our bathtub is a sort of greenish-blueish color now, at least until I get some Magic Erasers. In related news, Jerome's hair is now green. And I have to find him a purple suit by Friday. Blargh. I really need to plan Halloween a little bit better. :)

I also need to try to make a really interesting costume piece for myself by Friday. If you've ever seen Legend, I'm trying to make the Dark Lily costume, or at least a version of it. I just need to work out the collar part that sticks up behind her head. (Oh, and my dress is a bit more modest than the one she wears... cuz yeah... a neckline that goes all the way down to my navel?! Um, no.)

I just had my best idea yet for the collar, too. It may involve wearing a coat hanger covered in black nylons attached to the back of my dress, but hey, that's what a lot of people do for fairie wings! :)

Yeah, I'm totally only wearing this collar for a picture or three, and then it's getting tossed... no sense in putting too much work into it. :)

At least my other real costume (Poison Ivy) will be pretty easy, and I'm either wearing my black velvet dress with stripe-y tights or a pirate outfit for work on actual Halloween. I still don't know if people here dress up. (If I haven't heard by Friday, I'll ask.)

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