Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I'm going to be very glad when we're finally done with this lovely project that I spent most of today working on at work. On the one hand, it's relatively easy work for me, but it's really draining, because it's repetitive and boring. But the good news is that I'm doing really well with my job, to the point where I've been given some additional responsibility that will definitely help to fill up some of my time. So hurrah for that! :)

Still relatively calm skies on all other fronts, though. Heading over to a friend's place in a bit to do crafty things and watch a movie. Sounds like fun. :)

I ran into Emmakat downtown today, which was one of those weird things in a city of this size. But it's part of my Seattle pattern--I run into people that I've met all the time. In fact, the friend I'm going to hang out with tonight is someone I met the first time I was in Seattle, and then ran into two days later. Totally bizarre! :)

P.S. If it's wrong to love Shakira, then I am totally wrong. :)

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Emma said...

Hey that's me you mentioned there! :)I'm somewhat behind on my blog reading! It was good to see you!